Asyiknya Lagu Terbaru Maher Zain ‘Ya Khuda’ Duet dengan Artis Bollywood


Lirik Ya Khuda (O God)

Khuda haazir hai, (God is present)

Khuda maujood hai, (God is existent)

Khuda maliki yawmid-din hai, (God is the master of the Day of Judgement)

Khuda raheem hai, (God is merciful)

Bas tu hi kareem hai, (You are generous)

Ek tu hi haq hai, (You’re the only truth)

Malik-ul-mulk, haq-ul-yaqeen hai (You’re the owner of all sovereignty, the Certain Truth)

A million faces around the world but,

One thing is the same,

In their eyes I can see a light,

Calling out your name,

Har din har raat mein… (Every day and every night…)

Kai mojzaat hai, (There are many miracles,)

Har zarre mein chhupi, (Hidden in every atom,)

Kai qaaynaat hai (Is a universe)

In your light I can feel the love,

It’s all that I need

When I’m alone I can hear your voice

Deep inside of me

Ya Khuda, ya Khuda, (O God, O God!)

Tu ibtida, tu inteha, (You’re the beginning, you are the end)

Sajde mein tu, Dua mein tu, (My prostrations are for you, my supplications are for you)

Bas tu hi tu hi meri panaah (You are my only shelter)

La ilaha illallah hu, la ilaha illallah (There is no god but God)

La ilaha illallah

Muhammad-ur rasul Ullah (Muhammad is the Messenger of God)


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